Bio: I am in love with crochet! I was inspired by my husband's grandmother earlier this year when we paid her a visit. She attempted to give me a lesson but I must admit - I was left totally confused. Nevertheless she gave me her time and a hook and some yarn to practice 😉 I was a hot mess but I kept trying. I got books from the library which had me like "uh?" Didn't grasp a thing. I then decided, you know what, let me just get a pattern and start something. I got my hook and store bought wool in hand and started, stumbled, picked back up and then Voila! I made my first crocheted master piece - one side of a baby bootie. It was beauty-full to say the very least. I kept referring to tutorials all the way while attempting a new pattern, well they were all new since I never crocheted before. It took some patience and my, have I grown to have more patience. Day after day I am challenged by requests I have no idea how to start but I take them on, why? I think that's the only way to know how capable I am. And you know what? I get it done, I actually do it... like yaye me right. I am still in awe by what I can do with these hands. There is absolutely no limit. I soon got my business name registered - Guppy Productions Co. - a spin off title from my childhood-card-making days. Much after I got the notion of another title: "Guppy Hooks"... a fish... and the crochet hook... get it? 😛 Too late now, oh no, it's never too late. I believe all things happen for good reason, so the official title will surely not go to waste, neither will the latter. From that first day of inspiration till now, my hands have been busy and my mind at much ease... can't go wrong with free therapy right? Free colourful therapy. Crochet is good to me and for me. I don't think there is anything one can't accomplish in this life. Just do it you know! Possibility is surely endless 😉

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